Monday, May 13, 2013

Love Me Some Don Cheadle, on Mrs Robinson!

Don Cheadle’s isn’t just an actor. He’s the whole package if you like ethical, smart and conscientious men. Mrs R’s Anne Brodie sat down with him recently to talk Iron Man 3 and uncovered some praiseworthy information.
Did... you know that Cheadle is:
CARING - Cheadle is the UN Environment Program Goodwill Ambassador. He won BET’s Humanitarian award, and shares the Nobel Peace Prize Laureates Summit Peace Award with George Clooney for his work in Africa. He’s also written “Not on Our Watch” with human rights activist John Prendergast about the Darfur crisis and what we can do about it.
FUNNY– Cheadle is Frederick Douglass in Funny or Die’s Drunk History Volume 5 where he more than holds his own against George Clooney.
GREEN – Cheadle refuses to drink bottled water and drives a hybrid.
POPULAR - People like working with him. He has two franchises under his belt– Ocean’s Eleven and Iron Man.
FAITHFUL - Cheadle's been with the same woman, actress Bridgid Coulter, since the early nineties.
HUMBLE- Surprisingly ego-free.
CHERRY ON TOP – That silky, smoky voice.
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