Friday, May 10, 2013

Introducing Mrs. Robinson - the hot new source for Forty Plus Women - and my first Mrs. R. article!

Intellectual, physical, sensual-- gardening is an exercise with a rich history. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon were an early wonder of the world. Marie Antoinette created the L’orangerie and tended her own farm garden Versailles. Vita Sackville-West ended it all in a river on her beloved acreage.
Gardens are blossom, foliage, sculptural shape, light and colour and the glorious sum of focused labour. Savvy gardeners can eat their work - luscious asparagus, brute Brussels sprouts, plush plums, buttery lettuce. Plump blackberries, red raspberries, strawberries, golden peaches, honeyed apricots cram my little patch of sand/clay soil. But raising produce hardly counts as good economics. The cherry espalier produces five fruits each year. After time and labour, each sweet nothing costs twenty bucks. I would still grow them at double the cost. Gardening ain’t cheap but gardeners don’t care. It’s a true labour of love. Don’t even start me on roses…
Gardening makes you fit. Labour intensive to the max, serious gardening requires iron will. My nails are dirty from April to November and my muscles ache, but the satisfaction is unbeatable.
Gardening is a powerful tranquiliser that strengthens, soothes and clears the brain. You can think in a garden. You can breathe there too. It connects us to the ground and the sky. A hand in the soil is a profound and ancient act.
So go out and get dirty - gardening season 2013 is ON!

Neophyte gardeners can click here for tips to get you in fighting shape:
-Anne Brodie, Mrs Robinson
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