Wednesday, February 26, 2014

‘The Next Step,’ the Canadian ‘Tween TV Series Begins Season 2 March 7, Family Channel, BBC International, Disney Australia and Hulu in the US

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Lamar – We had no idea it would go into a second season! It was a new platform and we didn’t know how audience would take it, but when the premiere of the first season took off. When we went on the mall tour it was the most incredible experience, we got to meet the fans first hand it was a treat for us. It’s a unique show especially for the demographic. The people in The Next Step you really care about.
M&C: Are you enjoying playing your characters, James and West?
Trevor - My character has a lot of attitude, but he’s also laid back. James is almost too laid back, I’d say, and sometimes he doesn’t care enough, but he also takes everything with humour. He doesn’t pay attention to the drama too much, he doesn’t get involved but he always laughs it off, walks it off.
M&C: The series is about more than dance, isn’t it?
Trevor - It’s like the fact that there is relationship drama. It shows kids what can happen and how to deal with it and the problems. I think it’s a good part of the storyline. It allows the viewers to connect and relate to us. We really lucked out with the people we ended up working with. Everybody sees eye to eye and they’re all amazing dancers. We constantly inspire each other. The guys will be doing a flip and I’ll go “Whoa!” We learn from each other. The first time we met, we started flipping. That was the most I’ve ever leapt. We started and we went off for an hour.
Lamar – We teach each other. We all have a very god work ethic. I think that makes a big difference. People with a really strong work ethic are always willing to learn and grow. No one is satisfied with where they’re at; they all want to move forward and do better. There is a huge difference between the first season and second season because we all think “I want to do so much better”. All of us are dancers, even when we’re not filming were always dancing, choreographing, teaching, training.
Lamar – Yes. I always wanted to be an entertainer, and I did talent shows and got picked up by different crews and choreographers who wanted to use me for this and that. I met people and opportunities came to me and I got here. Honestly this is a great thing for all of us The Next Step has changed our lives. We would definitely be in it for as long as we can.
Trevor – We’re part of something great.
And if all the success wasn’t enough, the boys tell me they can eat whatever they want, whenever they want because they work so hard!
Victoria – It’s huge for us. Our producer told us the show was going to go global and we thought he was insane and here it is. On my social media they say “You’re my role model and inspire me and I want to dance like you” so when kids watch the show, they’re really happy. They love watching the dance and there’s always something new and the end outcome is always positive.
Logan – We try to teach kids to deal with their problems because there is so much drama at the school, how to deal with their drama in mature ways. Keep their hopes up high and dream big.
Logan – I relate everything back to my real life, and competition. You get humiliated sometimes when you make a mistake onstage so you feel you’re letting a lot of people down but it happens to everyone. You just have to be strong, and my character is very strong and she puts everything out there in everything, especially in dance. She’s herself. She is very straightforward and honest with everyone.
M&C: Victoria, your challenge is Emily, your rival and your team co-captain.
Victoria – Exactly. When we’re acting together I feel like it’s easy to play off each other. We always work off each other. Sometimes it’s really weird and it’s almost awkward sometimes but it’s just the reality. There’s competition in dance and every day people get into fights and I see it all the time in my studio, maybe not the older levels. I have a little cousin who is in dance and its always drama. I was like that too. Everyone goes through that.
Victoria – In September when we were filming and in school, it’s hard because all my friends invited me places and I couldn’t go. I missed my friend’s birthday last week because of dance. But at the end of the day it‘s all worth it. I wouldn’t be where I am today if I wasn’t driven and focused on dance and school. I’m really young so my social life is always going to be there. Right now it’s a huge deal but it’s not a huge deal really.
Logan – We started at such a young age, at three and then competition at 6 or 7 and then you continue to do it all the time and it is a regular thing and it’s a part of your life. Without it there would be a hole, an empty space. You get a feeling when you dance and you can’t get that feeling anywhere else.

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