Thursday, August 15, 2013

Rising Star Katie Boland has Four Films at TIFF, a Book and now the webseries Long Story, Short!

Canadian spotlight: Katie Boland interview: 'Long Story, Short' Aug. 19 on KoldCast TV

By Anne Brodie Aug 15, 2013, 16:58 GMT
Katie Boland\'s provocative new series "Long Story, Short" premieres August 19 on KoldCast TV.  Long Story, Short (11 x five minutes), an edgy, provocative and honest new web series created and written by acclaimed actor Katie Boland (The Master; Reign), will launch exclusively on KoldCast TV in the United States and Canada on Monday, August 19, with the first episode now available.
Co-created and directed by Gail Harvey (Murdoch Mysteries; Lost Girl) and distributed by Shaftesbury, the Toronto-shot series follows a young twenty-something woman (Boland) and her two best friends as they navigate messy relationships, bad dates, drunken mishaps and other assorted humiliations on the road to adulthood.
Following its premiere on August 19, a new episode will be posted on KoldCast each Monday.
View the series trailer and first episode at KoldCast TV. "Every network diligently works to deliver the strongest possible programming lineup to its audience," said David S. Samuels, KoldCast TV CEO. "From the masses of pitches and show submissions we receive each month, only a handful now make KoldCast's lineup. Long Story, Short has earned its place by telling a fabulous story that everyone can relate to.

The show is replete with all the angst-ridden, post-adolescent woes and unrequited love that any juicy series needs, while presenting high caliber acting and production values often difficult to attain in a budget constrained web series world. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to introduce Long Story, Short to our viewers as it sets the bar for the future of episodic ITV."
Katie Boland is featured in "Long Story, Short."

Monsters and Critics: Long Story, Short is a web series about a twenty something who feels really stuck in her life.  It’s meant to be based your own life.  How close is it?
Katie Boland: Not everything happened to me but all the feelings I’ve had and can relate to are there.  It’s like me.  Our intention was to create versions of ourselves and our relationships so I hope people will watch and relate.  It’s interesting that my peers have very different looking lives, they’re concerned about job security and relationships and so I hope it’s reflective.  Older audiences will remember these feelings.  At the time things were painful but now it’s like it was the summer of my life.
M&C: There is material form your life but you’re also a keen observer of others as we see in your scripting.
KB: Yes definitely, I do observe relationships not my own and outside myself to draw material.  I look back at how I behaved in the past and how I made sense of it.   I had written personal essays based on them but thought the narrative was more interesting as a series than a literary project, and I had plenty of material to work with.  Also I was interested in the world of internet and web series and how they're monetized and put right out into the world.  It’s a learning curve because it’s different; being on a private set with no network attached at that time.  It’s been fascinating to learn a bit about social and digital media.  It’s been a real privilege.
M&C: The first episode is really fun and makes you want more right now, so in a few minutes you’ve engaged a viewer.
KB: I wondered about it being engaging, I thought it might be interesting to other people because if things happened five years ago, and every day I thought of it and the relationships I had and the dynamics in those relationships and if it was still interesting to me it might be to others too.  I wondered how much is necessary to reveal but I sort of felt that’s the only have any authority of my experiences and deal with them. Next I’d like to write a show outside, to start to use something I don't know.
M&C: You are a natural actress and it shows in Long Story, Short.
KB: Essentially I play myself so everything that happened how would I react to this so it took that fear and anxiety out of my performance.  I knew what I was doing and the camera was only as big as a still camera.  And it was only a skeleton crew of my friends so it felt like it wasn’t performance at all, like there was no one there.  And my mom is an amazing director.  She’ll tell me if something is too big! 
M&C: You made the series with your mum filmmaker Gail Harvey as well as Looking is the Original Sin and Murdoch Mysteries.  Did you just skip the rebellious phase?
KB: Yeah my mum is really cool and we’re really good friends and Long Story, Short is about rebelling and coming of age.  I never rebelled against her, more against myself.  Mom and I have an understanding and open dialogue.   She warned me about how fickle the industry is and acting so long limitations especially as a woman and wanted me to start developing my own material now for safety in the future.  She told me to tell my own stories and have confidence.

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