Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Sublime and the Beauitful, Blake Robbin's Meditation on Mourning on iTunes and VOD Dec. 16

Blake Robbin’s The Sublime and the Beautiful on VOD and iTunes

Blake Robbins’s haunting psychological drama The Sublime and Beautiful takes us to a dark place that reminds us that we are not the perfect human beings we imagine we are. Robbins wrote and directed the film and plays David Conrad, a small town college professor with a wife and three little girls. He’s not entirely sympathetic – he’s having an affair with a student and he lets his family life take a back seat. But things come into sharp focus the week before Christmas when tragedy strikes. A drunk driver kills his daughters in a car accident, leaving him and his wife to mourn and disintegrate. David starts to have serious revenge fantasies. We spoke with Robbins about this harrowing film.
Your film reminds us that no matter what exemplary beings we are, we have primitive instincts like revenge just beneath the surface.
If I dig deep in terms of a human being, if that happened to me I’d like to be a better human being, but I don’t know, if I was honest I would have the same moral questions.
As in the film, couples tend to break up after the loss of their children. What happens?
Statistically that’s the truth. More often than not couples can’t survive a tragedy like that. Everyone grieves differently, but it depends on the circumstances. Guilt can be assigned to one or another and that complicates things. As a storyteller I’m trying to show what it looks like from the inside. Here’s the thing, it wasn’t just my set of circumstances. I was collaborating with actors who offered their takes. Laura Kirk who plays David’s wife Kelly adds her personal thing to it. She had a life circumstance that informed her. I have a couple for my portrayal and other actors did too. We folded this into the make-believe story, even the dialogue we said to each other came from someone’s life. ....

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