Sunday, October 26, 2014

Maps to the Stars' John Cusack Tells Some Hollywood Truths

John Cusack Stars in David Cronenberg’s Hollywood Satire Maps to the Stars

John Cusack broke out young in phenomenally successful John Hughes projects and has managed to sustain a successful career since, more than 30 years. He’s learned a lot of lessons about Hollywood.   And that’s why he lives in Chicago.  We spoke with Cusack during the Toronto International Film Festival about early fame and movie stars in light of his latest role in David Cronenberg’s black comedy Maps to the Stars.  Working with young actor Evan Bird who plays a spoiled young actor in the Justin Bieber mould took him back to his own  bittersweet experiences.                          aaa                                                                     Evan Bird and John Cusack – Maps to the Stars
John Cusack – I feel bad for younger actors who think they have to become Twitter sensations or have reality TV shows or pimp their girlfriends whatever that trip is young actors feel they have to get into. He’s a talented guy. I was lucky I had people to help me who said don’t worry about this and that, do your best. I hope for the best for him.
Monsters and Critics – You live in Chicago, and I have heard of your jaundiced view of Hollywood and it at the heart of Map to the Stars.
JC – Yes but no more than anyone else. It’s okay to be out there when it’s really cold. I don’t live in Hollywood. I’m on the west side, my friends, some are actors, I have friends there California can be nice but the industry itself is tough. The film happens to be set in this town that is the capital of illusion and fame and images and projected images and it would be in any power structure, Silicon Valley or the financial industry in New York or Washington. Its politics, triangulation, cutthroat, who’s going to eat which dog?  That can be a debilitating thing the different for artists is that there are people who don’t fit in, super sensitive but talented and they come into an environment that’s predatory.  You meet the nicest, meanest people and it’s disarming and they’re being really nice to you. It’s a tricky place to navigate if you’re being honest.  Actors are lucky and we’re all lucky to do this, but since it’s a film about that and you asked I’ll tell you the truth. You have to couch that in the fact that it is a place we are lucky to work in. David Cronenberg is one of those people who can make films out of that system and that’s the best.
aa                                                                  John Cusack and Julianne Moore
M&C – I read a study that said the experience of having fame young has the psychological effect of a severe physical injury or attack. That it’s something to be overcome.
JC - There’s no doubt about it, when you’re young .....

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