They provide the only sounds. And that’s why my morning ritual of getting up early is so important to me. It’s peaceful and the air is full of promise. No one’s up, it’s just you and the breeze and the animals, cushioning the day. Soon it will be time to go for that walk/run or drive, so you’ll galvanize yourself. Just not yet. This is your cone of silence and appreciation.
To me, this is what it’s all about.  Getting up early provides a few minutes of fresh air and a clear mind, pure pleasure for this hard working stiff. Getting a leg up on a positive attitude and feeling human. There’s no room for devices just yet because if anything can put you on edge it’s the electronic world. Forgive me for going overboard but it’s a time for oneness:blank, beautiful oneness.
As the day wears on, the hustle and bustle creeps into our private spaces with lawnmowers, traffic, doorbells and barking dogs. The sounds of life. Although an evening glass of wine in the garden is great for unwinding, it’s different from mornings. You’re carrying the weight of the day. You might bet tired and even grumpy. It’s hard to break through the wear and replicate that morning peace.
Each of us has a morning cushioning ritual. Exercise, reading, a bath, meditation, staring at the ceiling, whatever. A few minutes of mental rest and nothingness, none of the gymnastics that the day brings. In those precious early hours, I like doing nothing, uncharacteristic for an A-type like me who likes and understands multi-tasking, otherwise known as doing what it takes. Emptying the mind feels wonderful. And it’s not forever. One hopes.
Shouldn’t these precious early morning hours be used for multi-tasking? You are up, after all. Please. These moments are for getting in the groove. If you include looking at the sky, noting the sun’s feel on your face and head, listening to the breeze rustling the leaves and tossing a critter the odd peanut, that’s more than enough. It’s just a few minutes.
Just as a cat reads the news by looking out the window, you’re reading the lay of the day and your own mental landscape. You’re seeing how it looks and feels and smells while building reserves of quietude that will make you stronger and a good day great.