Details are sketchy but reports cite an epic mystery called Resurrection which will feature a Roman soldier investigating Christ’s death.  Will Smith is reportedly making a film on the Cain and Abel story, and Brad Pitt may play Pontius Pilate in yet another project.
Last year’s The Bible became the most successful TV miniseries and DVD of all time.
Exactly ten years ago Mel Gibson’s $30M independent faith film The Passion of the Christ created a firestorm of controversy and went on to become the top non-English language film of all time earning $370M. It is the 25th highest grossing film of all time.
 Heaven is For Real,  out in theatres Good Friday, is based on the New York Times best-selling book about a Midwestern pastor Todd Burpo (Greg Kinnear) and his desire to spread the news of his son’s journey to heaven. The three year old (Connor Corum) awoke from a near death experience on the operating table with stories of heaven, complete with family details he couldn’t have known and meeting Jesus.
Writer director Randall Wallace is a religious studies grad who worked with Gibson on Braveheart and the religious themed We Were Soldiers.  Kinnear has made four films related to religion and according to IMDb his brother works with the Billy Graham Foundation.
I can’t believe I’m quoting right wing “personality” but Bill O’Reilly says religious films are trending because people are “sick of secularism”.  A pall of hopelessness has dropped over movies of late with no way out.   A return to faith by people disappointed with contemporary life is understandable. And of course, we know something’s real when Hollywood makes multiple movies about it.
The trend isn’t all about bettering us and enriching our lives.  Studios are reaching the end of the superhero/zombie/superstar vehicle windfall and need a new saviour.  They’ve put two and two together and realized its good business to cater to the nearly 100 million evangelical Christians in North America.  This is just the beginning.
Happy Easter Hollywood!