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Doll and Em - Emily Mortimer and Dolly Well's Uncomfortably Hysterical New HBO Comedy, Premieres March 19 US and Canada

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Review: HBO’s ‘Doll and Em’ A Comedy About Betrayal, Loyalty and Survival


Doll and Em airs March 19 on HBO Canada, six episodes Wednesdays at 10 PM.
                                                 Dolly Wells and Emily Mortimer                        
Emily Mortimer and Dolly Wells are both accomplished actresses who happen to be lifelong friends. They also co-wrote Doll and Em, a unique new dramedy series of six episodes premiering in HBO Comedy March 19 in Canada and the USA.

It’s true that they have been friends forever, it’s not just shtick. A worn out photo of them in a bath as toddlers serves as a reminder that a longstanding precious bond is worth keeping no matter what.
Because things go way off the rails.
Em’s at a glamourous red carpet event chatting with Bradley Cooper when her phone rings. It’s bestie Doll calling from London in tears. Her troublesome boyfriend has kicked her out and she has nowhere to go. Em thinks a change would be as good as a rest so she brings Doll to Hollywood as a “personal assistant”.  She will pay her to look after things while she works on a movie.
But these buddies are strong women and soon begin to take advantage of one another subtly and then not-so-subtly. Em’s gentle spirit takes to the luxury of a maid and soon Doll must leave the house at 6 in the morning to get Em’s special foamy coffee to hand to her when she wakes up.
Doll likes to rifle through Em’s swag in search of free cosmetics, jewelry and yoga mats.

Before long, they’re fighting over a man. A handsome producer takes a shine to the unspoiled Doll at a party and suggests they leave together. Em has placed Doll in charge of the children is annoyed at her show of independence and insists that she stay. The three find themselves in a hot tub and Doll makes the mistake of going to the ‘loo.
Things begin to slide downhill for their friendship and their employer/employee relationship rather rapidly. Soon Doll’s charming them on the set of Em’s movie and Em’s sinking into a black hole of anxiety and insecurity that interferes with her work. A rift grows between them and then Doll breaks her ankle. She is now the set superstar, babied and petted and spoiled.

So the tables turn and Em must wait on Doll hand and foot, literally and Doll is milking it for all its worth. That’s all that I can reveal, just know that they are now warriors, vying for attention and dominance. The Hollywood sunshine and the glamour dazzle Doll and she is determined to make it hers just as Em is now forced into battle.  Sure its comedy, but it’s also about betrayal, loyalty and survival.
The series is fittingly star-studded with appearances by Bradley Cooper, Susan Sarandon, John Cusack, Chloe Sevigny and Andy Garcia. The series also pokes fun at the bizarre Hollywood celebrity lifestyle and gives a glimpse at it from all levels, the grip, the costumer, the big actress, the willful director, the props guy.

Emily Mortimer produces the series with Alessandro Nivola.

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