Metro/Handout In Playing For Keeps, Gerard Butler is an ex-soccer star trying to get his life back together in small town America.
Gerard Butler produced and stars in Playing for Keeps, a romantic comedy about an ex-international soccer star who returns to small-town America, where his son and estranged wife live.
As George discovers and Butler knows, being famous can create problems.
“You get that as an actor in my position,” says Butler.
“You can cause a bit of chaos even with the best intentions wherever you go. (My character) George is chaotic on the inside and he causes chaos wherever he goes, but he’s trying his best to take the right path. That right path is often blocked by those who would like to get their claws into him because he’s an appealing character and yet
in himself he doesn’t feel that at all. That’s what’s interesting about him,” he says.
Catherine Zeta-Jones and Uma Thurman don’t work often. How did you lure them back?
I was kind of surprised myself. They were fun roles for them to get into, they are juicy comedic crazy roles and yet they speak to you in a way that’s relatable. People get those characters, where they’re coming from…. That’s what I loved about this movie.
What wisdom do you have for men in a midlife crisis?
For a man, it’s about growing up.
You want to keep the child in you, but at the same time you’ve got those quick fixes and learn about commitment and sacrificing something and ultimately going beyond distraction and love (to) family (and) career. … But that’s tough because in this life we live there are so many temptations and distractions and you can’t deny it, they’re fun and exciting. I’m thinking, ‘Yes, that’s it.’
I’m finally growing up and then for a long period of time I’m thinking I have no purpose, no real maturity, and I’m not handling my responsibilities very well.
As one of the Sexiest Man Alive (2004) any words for Channing Tatum?
That was a long time ago! Just be yourself and you’re judged on that. If you have to try, it’s pretty sad. I’m sure Tatum didn’t have to try.