Getty Images/Charley Gallay A. Fox attends the Exclusive FABULOUS 23 Dinner hosted by Jordan Brand during All-Star Weekend on February 12, 2010 in Dallas, Texas.
Vivica A. Fox hosts Prank My Mom, a hidden-camera series that sets up unsuspecting moms for big surprises. Children announce they are pregnant, under arrest, have to retrieve a sex tape or posted mom’s profile on a fictitious dating site and wait for her reaction. It’s a ruse designed to bring her a little excitement. Metro talked to the host about the show and her hectic career.
Vivica, you’re hysterical! Your attitude sweetens the emotional roller coaster that is Prank My Mom.
Absolutely! It’s been a good fit for me, and surprising for a lot of people. They say, “I never knew you were really funny!” What? I’ve done a lot of comedies — like Booty Call and Curb Your Enthusiasm — but they forgot! And I’ve been punked by Tichina Arnold. I love Prank My Mom because moms are so serious, especially concerning their kids. These pranks can be pretty outrageous. The moms go wild. When it’s revealed as a prank they are so relieved their kid doesn’t have a sex tape and isn’t a sex surrogate or going to jail, it’s just “Whoo-hoo!” And then we talk it off with a dozen roses! One mom was hitting security officers with her purse and when it was over she said to her daughter, “I’d do anything for you,” even though she’d broken the law and assaulted police. We haven’t had any moms who’ve become upset with us.
What about hitting home, pranking your mom or being pranked?
As of right now, no, I don’t know about my mom. I’ll think about that one. We could get her at church. She’s very proud and defensive of her church! The show Punk’d had been trying to get me for a very long time. I was at a photo shoot and my friend Tichina came to visit and pretended she was pregnant. I should have noticed when she came in full makeup, but I was busy with my shoot. Did she ever get me! Her water broke and the paramedics from hell showed up. I turned into a mama bear and stopped them from taking an uncompromising picture of her and told them to put up the cameras or I’d inflict bodily harm! When it was over I was sweating for a half hour to calm down. What! People were saying I’m always so red carpet ready but they learned you don’t mess with me. That’s the other side of Viv!
You’re doing this show and have 11 films due out next year. Yikes.
I’ve been very blessed that my producer Lita Richardson strategized not to limit us. I host, produce, do theatre, film and TV and that has been the key. I’m also on another sitcom called Mr. Box Office. You have to control your career and the product for your audience. I find it to be so fulfilling and I’m proud of my hands-on part in it. Oh! Plus I have my own hair line for busy sexy women ( Yes I am busy.
How do you relax? Or do you?
Oh no, honey. Are you kidding me? I love working and I love what I do and I’m happy and blessed but I do know how to relax. I go to the spa and take my godson Christian to the mall and play with him. And, I spend a lot of time with my family. I’ve learned to take the time to smell the roses, to go play. I had to learn that after I built two homes and sold them!